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What is Xtreme Fetish Party?

XFP is not for everybody. XFP is an online community for people who are actively involved or curious about alternative lifestyles such as safe sane and consensual BDSM, leather, M/s, fetish and other lifestyle choices. XFP is also a live nightclub event that takes place semi-annually in South Florida. XFP has a more hardcore, anything-goes fetish theme than its sister site Alter Ego.

What is the purpose of this website?

This website was designed to bring people together and to help promote a fetish community where like-minded fetish friends can meet each other for dating, friendships and more. Just as importantly, it was designed to inform partygoers about upcoming events.

How is XFP different than other kink-themed dating sites?

XFP is similar in many respects to other kinky online dating sites, but what sets XFP apart is that we are the only site to offer a members-only hardcore fetish party where anything goes. Meet your fetish friends online, and then meet them in person at the party for fetishy fun and more!

Is this website really free?

Yes. You must register as a member of the site, but registration is free. If you would like to upgrade additional features, you may opt for a paid account.

How do I get full features on the site?

For full connectivity and access to all features and areas of the site, we recommend a platinum account.

XFP seems too hardcore for my tastes. Is there a more glam-oriented fetish site / party that I can explore?

Yes. Like we said, XFP is not for everyone, but there are alternatives. Please visit our sister site, Alter Ego, home of the world-famous and super-glamorous monthly Fetish Parties.


User Accounts & Photos

What do I need to sign up?

Just some basic information about you and your interests as they relate to fetish, and 2-3 photos of yourself involved in fetish or bdsm play or wearing bdsm / fetish clothing that you can upload. The photos must be of you, not of anyone else, and must be in keeping with the theme of the website. Signup is quick, painless, and fun.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate on the XFP website.

Can other members see my personal information?

Members will see your nickname, hair color, eye color, city, and fetish interests. Members cannot see sensitive personal information like your first and last name, email, your phone number or your address. This information is collected for our personal records so that we can get in touch with you and verify your account if necessary.

Is my email secure?

We will never share or sell any of your personal information with a third party. We may send you our weekly email newsletter that has important information about upcoming parties and special sales. If you do not wish to receive our newsletter, simply click the link at the bottom of the newsletter to unsubscribe and you will be removed from our email lists.

Do I have to upload photos?

Yes. You have to upload 2-3 photos of yourself involved in fetish / bdsm play or dressed in clothing related to fetish / bdsm. Your account will not be activated until this criteria has been met and approved. All active members of the site have approved photos so we strictly require all new members to meet this standard to be on equal ground with existing members. Members who sign up accounts and do not upload photos will eventually have their pending profiles fall off and be deleted.

What are the photo guidelines?

XFP requires that the photos be bdsm or fetish in nature to be in keeping with the theme of the XFP website. After you have uploaded 2-3 photos and they have been approved, you are allowed to upload vanilla (non-fetish) photos of yourself, graphics, friends, or images of your fantasies. Just upload carefully because how you're seen is how you are represented on XFP.

Since this is a private members-only website, the usual rules do not apply. With XFP, you are allowed to be as hardcore and as extreme as you like. In fact, we encourage it. Nothing is too extreme and nothing is too shocking.

Members who fail to meet photo criteria will be notified by email and encouraged to try again. Members who continually fail to upload pics in theme will eventually have their pending profiles fall off and be deleted.

Please do NOT upload photos of children or photos with children in them regardless of the context.

Can I upload more than 2-3 photos?

Right now you can upload as many photos as you like. We encourage you to upload many as long as they are all different and interesting.

Can I just upload photos of my cock?

A simple picture of your cock does not meet our criteria for our fetish theme. We don't care how big it is. However, if there is a chastity device, bondage, CBT, massive multiple piercings or something kinky and creative going on, that's different. That's more what we're looking for - but a simple cock shot with nothing else going on isn't going to cut it!

I uploaded a photo but I don't see it on the site. What gives?

Please note that uploaded photos will not display on the site until they are approved. There will be a message confirming that the photo has been successfully uploaded. There is no need to upload a photo more than once.

How long does it take to get my account approved?

After you have filled out a registration and uploaded a photo, please allow about 3-4 days for us to approve your photos and activate your account to allow you unrestricted access to the site. We do this personally by hand to assure the quality and content of our site and members. It does take a bit of time to get to everyone's profiles, however sometimes profiles are approved the same day. If there is a problem with your account you will be notified by email.

If you have waited more than 4 days, your account is still not activated, and you have not heard from us, please send an email to glenn@xtremefetishparty.com.

How do I sign up?

Go here to sign up a new account.

Something weird has happened. What do I do?

Don't panic. Please send your best description of the problem to glenn@xtremefetishparty.com and we will try to get it sorted.

I would like to have my account deleted. What do I do?

Please send an email to glenn@xtremefetishparty.com and ask to be deleted. Please let us know why if possible so that we can improve our services for everyone in the future.

I am having trouble logging in or have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Click here and enter your email address to have your password resent. If you are still having problems, please send an email to glenn@xtremefetishparty.com.


Fetish Factory

What is Fetish Factory?

Fetish Factory is a 6,000+ sq. ft. retail clothing store located in Fort Lauderdale, FL with the most comprehensive fetish inventory you will find anywhere under one roof. We are a single, independently-owned mom n' pop store under the same ownership since the beginning. If you are in the area, please come in and see what Fetish Factory is all about.

Fetish Factory is the only official store where you are able to purchase tickets to XFP and Alter Ego fetish party events.

How do I contact Fetish Factory?

You can call Fetish Factory at 954-563-5777 or email glenn@fetishfactory.com. Fetish Factory is located at 855 E. Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334.

What are Fetish Factory's store hours?

Fetish Factory's showroom is open M-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm. Office is open weekdays 11am-7pm. Fetish Factory is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Easter, New Years Day and Memorial Day. FF is occasionally closed for two days in early November or early June for store inventory.

The Fetish Factory online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer service for online orders is available weekdays from 11am-7pm. Expedited shipping is available.

How do I get a job with Fetish Factory?

Please contact donna@fetishfactory.com or drop by the store to fill out a job application. Fetish Factory is always looking to hire great people.

I am a vendor. How do I wholesale to Fetish Factory?

We at Fetish Factory pride ourselves as Florida's leader in fetish inventory and we are always looking for great, new merchandise. Please contact donna@fetishfactory.com to make an appointment. We do have limited space so we pick our merchandise very carefully.


XFP Live Events

Who attends Xtreme Fetish Party live events?

XFP live events are not for everybody. Our parties cater to those actively involved or interested in the bdsm and fetish lifestyles, scene players, kinky swingers and the like. XFP events have no rules when it comes to what you can and cannot do. You can be as nasty as you like, or you may choose to hang back and observe the party and its players from afar.

What is an XFP live event like?

XFP live events are for the truly hardcore players and those members of the bdsm and fetish community who want to find their own limits in a safe, sane & consensual environment. Nothing is too shocking. Nothing is too extreme. It is a cross-section of society and everyone has their own story. The curious come to mingle with the experienced. Masters and Mistresses strut their stuff with their slaves. Kinky swingers get it on. Fetishists make the scene to have their deepest, darkest fantasies fulfilled. Still, others just like to be the fly on the wall and watch what goes on.

Is XFP a bdsm night?

Yes, but it's more than just that. Our crowd walks the line somewhere between a leather/bdsm crowd, a fetish crowd, and a swingers crowd. This party can be pretty much whatever you want it to be.

Is XFP a swingers night?

No, but there is definitely a contingency of kinky swingers that like to attend our events.

Do you have a dungeon at the party?

Yes. Our live events are intimate affairs but we do have a lot of equipment that is free to use. We transform an intimate nightclub space into a full-scale dungeon. We encourage you to explore the space of the club and feel free to use whatever equipment you like as long as you don't monopolize any single piece of equipment for the night.

Is there sex at the XFP events?

Yes, different types of sex are allowed and do take place at our events between consenting adults, but of course sex is not required. Our events are only as extreme as you want them to be.

We hold our members-only live events at private clubs with on-premise swingers and full-nudity licensing so everything is perfectly legal. Our parties are members-only and all attendees are required to sign a waiver as they enter the door saying that they understand what the party is about, it is a lifestyle choice, and that they are not offended by the adult nature of the party.

Safe, sane and consensual is the rule.

How often are live events held?

Our ability to host many events a year usually depends on venue availability instead of interest, as interest for this sort of event is always high. At most, we host about 3-4 events per year, and at least 2-3.

Where are live events held?

Venues are announced to members only and are not known publicly. Events are held at private venues near Fort Lauderdale and easily accessible by I-95.

Where can I learn more about the Xtreme Fetish Party live events?

Visit the Xtreme Fetish Party website for all the latest information about upcoming events.


Invitations & Tickets

Can anyone attend an XFP live event?

No. Our events are for registered members of the XFP site only. XFP members are allowed to sponsor one guest if they choose.

How do I get invited to an XFP live event?

After your registration process has been approved, you will be automatically invited by email whenever a new live event has been scheduled. Please RSVP to the event. Tickets will then be made available for purchase by RSVP'd members through the Fetish Factory showroom and online store.

Can I see who else is going to the event?

Yes. Visit the RSVP list for any scheduled event to see the list of all members who have RSVP'd to attend. You can then link to their profiles to learn more about them and their interests. You can even drop them a line, talk some flirty smack, and get yourself into trouble before the event is even underway!

How do I purchase tickets to the Xtreme Fetish Party live event?

Tickets are available through the Fetish Factory store. Your member account will be accessed by a sales rep to check your RSVP status. After your RSVP has been verified, we can sell you a ticket.

How much do tickets cost?

Cost of tickets and availability vary. Please check the event info for pricing.

Tickets are only good for the party for which they are specifically purchased and are non-refundable. Even if you have a ticket, you may not be admitted if you do not comply with our strict dress code.

Can I get VIP?

We do not have a VIP at our XFP live events. If you would like to purchase a bottle from the club at an XFP event, this may be arranged with the bartender or staff of the club. This may not be available at all events.


Guest Policy

Can I bring a guest to the XFP live event?

Registered members with approved accounts are allowed to sponsor one guest but must purchase a full-price guest ticket in addition to their own admission.

Guest tickets may only be purchased in the store by the registered member. Guests must also arrive at the club with the registered member in order to be admitted. Guests who arrive separately will not be admitted.

It is cheaper to buy a member ticket and free to sign up for XFP. Be sure to advise your guest that we would prefer that they register a free XFP account and attend our event as a member from the start rather than attend as a guest and pay more for admission.

My friend attended once as a guest but hasn't registered an account on XFP yet. Can I just bring them as a guest again?

No. Guests are allowed to attend one party when sponsored by an approved member. This will give guests a chance to see what XFP is all about and decide whether XFP is right for them. If they would like to attend again, they must register to the XFP site and attend as a member. We want them to be a part of our community. Tell them to register and get involved.


Fetish Dress Code

What is the fetish dress code?

You have to dress the part to get in. This generally means dressing sexy, but in a kinky way. Latex, vinyl, leather, corsets and fishnets are all excellent options.

If this is your first time going to a fetish party, you may feel a bit odd before you get to the club, but believe us when we say that the more wild you dress, the more at home you will feel once you step in the door of the party. A good rule of thumb is to dress to reflect your fantasies and desires. This honest energy will communicate positively to others at the event.

What if I don't own fetish clothes?

If you have a bit to spend, come into Fetish Factory and check out the inventory. Fetish Factory sells everything you could ever need. If you are flat broke, consider borrowing some clothes from a friend or getting creative. Some of the best fetish outfits ever seen at our parties were made at home.

A vanilla exception to our dress code is to wear a tuxedo, but this is not recommended. The wilder you dress the better, and once you are inside the party you will understand why.

What is the minimum I have to do as far as dressing up to get in?

If you ask this question, you miss the point of our party. The wilder you dress the better. Still, the minimum for admission would probably be black vinyl pants and a fishnet shirt. But you can be more creative than that, right?

What sort of things are not allowed?

Jeans, sneakers, regular clubwear, and all-black streetwear are not allowed. If you don't dress the part, you will remain on the outside looking in!

Is nudity allowed?

Yes. Our events are held at venues that have license for full nudity so everything is legal. Please remember that nudity is still illegal outside the club in the parking lot, so bring a cover-up if you are an exhibitionist and plan to take it all off when you get into the club.

What if I don't want to dress up?

You won't get in. Even if you purchased a ticket in advance, you still have to dress the part to get in the door. Our people at the door will tell you to go home, change your clothes and try again.

Can't I just slide them $100 at the door and just get in without having to dress up?

Absolutely not. Heavy-handed techniques like this may work on South Beach, but at our parties, you will never get into the door by trying to bribe the dress code person. They will be very offended, you will feel like an ass, and they will ask you to leave.


Party Galleries

How do I view the party galleries?

Members who attend XFP live events will have full access to the galleries of all parties that they attended through the XFP website. Platinum members have access to all galleries regardless of their attendance.

How do I get my photo taken at a party?

Authorized photographers wear photo passes at the parties. Go up to any photographer and let them know that you would like to have your picture taken. They will be happy to take your photo.

What if I don't want my picture taken at a party?

That's no problem. Just put your hand up to say "stop" and our photographers will be sure to not take your picture. If they have already taken your photo, simply ask them to delete the photo (they all use digital cameras) and they will be happy to do so.

My photo is up on the party gallery and I would like it deleted. What do I do?

Right-click and save the photo (Please do NOT change the name of the photo - we need that info to find and remove it!) and attach it in an email to Glenn at glenn@xtremefetishparty.com with a request to delete and a short explanation. We will be happy to remove your photo. If you have a special concern, please call Glenn at 954-563-5777.



I have a question that is not addressed here.

Please send a descriptive email to glenn@xtremefetishparty.com.

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