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  11. XFP Member Photo Policy: Send us up to 4 photos (must be .gif .png or .jpg) It is not mandatory for you to submit your photos at this time, but it IS mandatory for you to submit a few risqué or fetishy photos of yourself soon. You are given 2 weeks time to load your photos into your profile before the profile is automatically deleted from our system.     Image Specifications


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XFP Member Photo Policy

It's only to be fair
We've insisted this upon all our members, and all existing active profiles have complied with this request.

But I don't want to reveal my identity
That's okay... you're allowed to send us photos that do not reveal your face. Or you are welcome to email your photos to us and we will be happy to blur your face out or crop out your head.

Play along
All photos that are submitted are subject to approval by the XFP staff and will not be visible to yourself or other members until it is approved. The theme of this community requires you to submit risqué or fetish themed photos of yourself. No vanilla pictures will be approved. So don't bother sending in a photo of yourself on the beach or in a club or out to dinner because they will be rejected. We will be happy to let photos of these nature slide in once you have submitted photos of the theme we are requesting.

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