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One of the greatest things about XFP is that we enable you to meet like-minded people with whom to explore your deepest desires and most intimate fantasies! In our profiles, REAL members reveal their deepest and darkest sexual secrets! These lists are almost infinitely detailed and specific, and we've made searching them simple, effective, and a lot of fun!

Searching Profiles
Every aspect of every member’s profile is totally searchable. Search over 20 specialized categories including: gender, preference, fetish, interest, experience level, race, hair color, eye color, etc. etc. etc!
• Its easy to find people who are into the same fetishes as you! Our system currently has a comprehensive list of every fetish interest from popular to obscure! There are currently 112 different fetishes listed.
• Every member lists their deepest, darkest desires, dirtiest secrets, and individual sexual fetishes in great detail. This information is included on their profile and completely searchable.
• Our system makes it easy for compatible people who share your interests to find you.
• Search not only for what they like, but also what they are looking for!

View examples of some REAL XFP Profiles by clicking below (Photo enlargement and communication features have been disabled as this is for example only). Click on the far left pic to see an example of how profiles work!

Search Criteria
Let's say you are looking for a raven-haired asian Goddess who is into foot worship, stockings, and latex. Or let's say you are looking for a blonde-haired master who loves nipple torture and hot wax. Or maybe you are looking for a submissive of either gender who is into bondage, body worship, and interested in 24/7 total power exchange. No matter what your criteria, now its easy! Everything is 100% Searchable!